Saturday, August 02, 2008



Driving along from Aspen to Interstate 70, enjoying the dropoffs and sheer cliffs on either side of the road (OK, so I wasn't the one driving, which is why I could enjoy them!), when out of nowhere pops this little ghost town in a clearing, Independence Ghost Town:

At over 10,900 feet, this town couldn't last long. Snow from October through May would make sure of it. The Independence lode was discovered on July 4, 1879 and soon after a town of 300 sprang up. By 1882, there were 1500 residents and over 40 businesses. Known by other names also, Chipeta, Mammouth City, Mount Hope, Farwell and Sparkill, Independence only produced about $190,000 in ore and was a ghost town by 1890. Nearby Aspen attracted the people and became the county seat.

Nice little stop along the way to reality. Now I'm off to have hair and makeup done for this afternoon's festivities. More later about my morning run in Golden. Peace out!
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