Friday, August 08, 2008

Morning Run

so, I got up and ran again this morning, "run" being a subjective term around here these days. It's extraordinarily demoralizing to be passed by an old guy with monster headphones shuffling by you, when you KNOW that if you weren't paying attention to your heart rates you could blow by him without even thinking about it. But, since we're only in week 2 of LHR training, we have to suppress those urges, and smile and wave when the old slow guy PASSES US! Sigh. No matter, this is all good and will be for the best. Base building, base building, base building.

Total time run was 42 minutes and change, nearly exactly what we did yesterday's run on the same route. So there's some consistency there.

SMALL VICTORY -- HR alert didn't go off once in the first half of the run, not even when I was climbing the small rise at the edge of the park (in pre-San Fran days, I'da called that a hill, but I know better now!), so I'm getting better at recognizing my upper limit and adjusting pace when needed relative to the terrain. Go me!

That is all. gotta blast and finish up the loads of laundry from the trip. Ugh.

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Tiggs said...

Re: total immersion swimming....just do it! It was super helpful...seeing yourself on video is a little disconcerting at first! eye opening and helpful!!!