Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hi There!!


Yeah, so it's a little nice here. Just a tad cooler than Texas, just a tad.

Went for a GREAT 45-minute run/walk this morning. Bit of a struggle to keep the HR down with the inclines along the path, but well worth it for 52 degrees and amazing wide open spaces at 6:30! After a great breakfast, we took a little hike up a smaller mountain, then took the gondola up to the top of Aspen Mountain. The view is spectacular, to put it mildly.

Later tonight, Ashcroft and then dinner, and then tomorrow we'll try to hit the Maroon Bells and Independence Pass before we head back to Denver for wedding weekend fun. Peace out!
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ben said...

Not that you need any help appreciating where you are, but it's supposed to be 102 here today.


Just12Finish said...

The mountain scenery looks great!