Friday, August 15, 2008

short update

ran Wednesday -- just under 46 minutes; 13:11/mile pace
ran Thursday -- just over 49 minutes; 13:08/mile pace
ran Friday -- just under 42 minutes; 13:07/mile pace
I LIKE that trend. Getting this HR thing under control.

Saw Clone Wars -- pretty good for a cartoon

Hub got me an iPod Touch for our anniversary -- HE ROCKS!!

Michael Phelps -- unfreakin' believable

Hockey, hockey, hockey -- that has become my life. Which is not a bad thing. Especially when it's 100+ degrees outside! The rink is nice and cool -- sometimes too cool!

Gotta run -- early playoff game tomorrow AM, so I need to run early to get back and be ready to head out to the rink.

Small Victory -- Even though it was raining (with lightning and thunder) this morning and I didn't run outside, and even though we were trying to get to the movie by 6:30, I jumped on the treadmill for 42 minutes and got the workout in. It would have been SOOOO easy to skip it altogether, but I didn't do it. Go me!

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