Tuesday, August 12, 2008

make it happen

so, yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about it. I made it happen today, when I could have very easily bailed.

I tried to run this morning, but I got followed by a little dog, who I was sure was going to get hit by a car since he kept coming behind me, even when I tried to cross streets and get away from him. He seemed pretty well trained and very friendly, but he was filthy, no collar, and was limping on occasion. I couldn't keep going to the park knowing he was behind me, so I turned back after about half a mile and called animal control. I tried to put the little guy in the back yard to keep him safe until they arrived, but the little booger dug out in about three minutes. I found him three doors down eating toast with the neighbors. I went back outside and sat with him on the front porch while I worked, waiting until the animal control folks showed up, but I ended up having to go inside after about two hours. The morning run that I have come to rely on just didn't happen.

Then, I worked most of the day, in between feeding the kids, shuttling them to grandma's, and finding the last few required school supplies. Then, dinner, a few last emails, and the last episode of Season 1 of Dexter. OMG, I LOVE!! Dexter! I can't believe we didn't know about this show until now. We must find Season 2 ASAP! Anyhoo, once I got the boys to bed and caught up on the Olympics (GO MICHAEL PHELPS! Sidebar: WHEN DOES HE BREATHE??? He amazes me, plain and simple.), I decided that I had to go out. So it was 9:45? So what? I needed to run. So I did. I added on to this morning's run cut short, and ended up with the following for the day:

Time: 56:50
Mileage: 4.3
Pace: 13:13
Avg HR: 133

That is all. Gotta blast -- TDP DinoBoy starts 2nd grade tomorrow, so we have to get to bed soon.

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