Sunday, August 10, 2008


yeah, I know, I live in Texas, what the heck did I expect? But, dang, it is hot out there. I didn't leave for my run until about 10:45, because the Elder Child had a playoff game early and it just didn't work out. I had a hair appt at noon,so I had very little time to hit the road and make it happen. I headed out toward the park and almost immediately the higher end HR alert went off once I got moving. It was VERY tough to keep it under 142, esp at the end, once I turned around and headed for home. The heat was just too much. During the parts of the trail that are in semi-shade it was a little easier, but pretty much I walked the last quarter of the route. Couldn't be helped. But, [SMALL VICTORY], I did get out and get it done, when it would have been just as easy (nay, easier) to sit on the couch and watch Season 1 of Dexter (which, btw, OMG, I LOVE that show/man/whatever!!).

So there you go. As soon as we find the school supply list, it's off to Target to get all the stuff that's needed. Sigh, I can't believe summer is nearly over. Gotta blast!

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