Saturday, August 16, 2008

It Only Hurts a Little Bit...

so, I didn't run today (and won't, even though it's not quite 9:00 PM). I meant to run early this morning, before leaving for the championship playoff game at the rink. But the game started at 8:00, so we had to leave by 6:45ish, which would have meant getting up at 5:00ish to be out and back and showered in time. So, um, no. I'm all about the commitment and all, but it IS Saturday. Come on. Seriously.

So Plan B was to grab a run at the gym this afternoon, after the game. But that didn't happen. Why? Because we spent the morning after the game at the ER. Yeah, the thing about hockey is that there are injuries aplenty, especially when the game gets physical, like it did with these two teams, who have been rivals all season long. So, when push came to shove, and Elder Child was between the shover and the boards, something had to give. And that something turned out to be his collarbone.

The good news? It wasn't the one he broke a couple of years ago... the bad news? It hurts just as much as the one from a couple of years ago. Oy. So, yeah, we spent the day tending to my little chick with his broken wing. Poor guy. He didn't want to leave the rink until after the game was over, even though it happened in the first five minutes of the game. He actually only had about two full shifts before he got dinged, and while he tried to go out for a third, it was painfully evident that it wasn't going to help the team for him to be out there. So he watched the rest of the game with an ice pack on his shoulder, pads out, helmet on, standing off the bench and cheering the team on between grimaces. He did get the game puck, and the team did win, so he showed up at the hospital afterward wearing his medal. Very nice. And when they asked when it happened, we had to sheepishly say, "um, about two hours ago... he didn't want to leave the game, the post-game photos, and the locker room party..." and feel like real winners in the parenting game.

Whatever, he wouldn't have left if he was doing a Monty Python one-arm missing with blood spurting, not at this game. It was close at first, and very intense, and his team pulled it out. The core of this team has played together since they were about nine years old, so it was very bittersweet that this is the last season they'll all be on the same team. This fall, they scatter to different travel teams, JV teams, or house teams in different age groups. So this was special. And a run didn't seem to be as important today as I thought, when it was all said and done. I'll hit the streets for a good hour+ run tomorrow morning, since the only activity on the docket (besides laundry) had been the first day of hockey camp. Yeah.

Peace out folks, it's almost time to watch MP make history. Catch you on the other side.

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