Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shoot Me Now

went running this morning, if you can call it that. very slow, because I didn't go out until after 7:00, so by the time I hit the streets, it was already in the 80s with a TON of humidity in the air. Five miles total, and because of the HR monitor and my inability to maintain a low heart rate while running, or even while walking uphill, in a total time of 1:09. I don't even want to do the math on that one (OK, I couldn't help it, I did the math: 13:48. SHOOT ME NOW). Whatever, at least I was able to pull myself out of bed this morning. Small victories and all that.

Alicia and I went for a 5-mile walk yesterday -- folks are using her neighborhood as a training route for the Komen 3-Day coming up in November, and she got nostalgic for our weekend long walks. So we fell right back into it, and finished 5 miles easy-peasy, no problem, are we done already?? It was nice to have time to catch up. Especially since weekends are going to start getting crammed soon with Scouts and hockey and all that stuff that takes up our time and fills our lives.

Anyhoo, it's Sunday, which around here means laundry day. Gotta make sure Elder Child has clean clothes for his first day of 8th grade. Jeez, louise, I have an 8th grader? Seriously, SHOOT ME NOW.


Bev said...

Wow, double whammy! I give you big ups just for sticking with it. The HR will start coming down with consistency.

Just12Finish said...

You know, I've been at the LHR thing since March, and am only just now beginning to see some real results.

I probably wasted the first 3 months trying to trick myself into it. I was doing only 3 miles every time and I think it wasn't long enough - mainly because I didn't do any warmup minutes. I counted the first mile in my HR training and the pace was decent (since my heart really wasn't warmed up yet), but mile 2 and mile 3 sucked really bad.

Now my coach has me start each run with 15 mins really really slow - like "don't care what the pace is" slow. Then when the heart is warmed up, the real HR training starts. It's kept my HR from gyrating too much once I start running.

I know it's frustrating but hang in there. I think the little things count, but I don't even know what they all are, and I'm not really experienced enough to give you any advice. Take the stuff I mentioned above as an observation from me about me :-)