Sunday, August 06, 2006

slacker loser

yep, that's me. total slacker, total loser. Went out for 13 today and managed to get a whole 1.5 done before I just decided, nah, wasn't going to happen. Didn't help that it was HOT and HUMID and plain nasty. What the hell did I expect? It's August. It's Texas. Suck it up, chica, and get to running, right?

So I instead hopped on the treadmill and after about, oh, three minutes, decided that 2 hours of that just wasn't going to happen today, either. Maybe I'm tired from all the painting we did yesterday (one coat of primer and one coat of actual color yesterday, to be followed by another coat of color later today), or the school supply shopping ($130, thank you very much, although that did include light bulbs, socks and underwear for all three boys, and last night's dinner). Maybe I just need to get re-invigorated. Maybe I just needed a break.

But didn't I say last week that this is where the rubber hits the road and if I want to actually make it to the finish line in October, much less break 5:00, I need to get down and dirty with this program? Yep, I did. And watch me slack today. Oy. I'm just so goddang TIRED all the time, and while physically I can pound out 13 miles, I know I'm not mentally really set for this. There is just too much to finalize in my real life off the road and that's what's making me tired. The heat sapping all strength from me doesn't help any, either. I just need me some fresh motivation, I think.

Anyhoo, the Skatemobile has been having some bat-tree issues, so we're off to Cost-Too-Much to get a replacement so I'm not stranded somewhere in 103 degree heat. Photos of the newly painted office later, too, if I can find the cable. Or, I might wait until the furniture is delivered and the walls properly accessorized. Either way, you'll see it soon enough! Have a nice Sunday!

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Janet said...

I give you A LOT of credit for even attempting exercising outside in this heat. Just imagining it makes me cry.:(