Friday, August 04, 2006

No Ricky Bobby for you!

phoo. Hub picked me up from work today and we had a lovely tapas dinner at this place near campus. Good bread, nice tasty blue cheese, a great dish of 'shooms w/snails, and assorted other yummy tidbits. We passed on the sweetbreads this time around, but may try them next time.

Anyhoo, when we got done, we headed home to catch the movie at the theatre near us. But it was not to be -- by the time we got there, the only 7:30 screening was sold out. Boo! And it was too late to head up toward the mall (eeep! the mall! on tax-free weekend! NOT), and we sure as heck can't stay up for the 10:00 pm show. So, no Ricky Bobby for us tonight. Maybe sometime this weekend. All we's has to do before Monday morning is make a trip to Home Depot for primer, yellow paint for the kitchen (yay!! my butter yellow kitchen!!), a full gallon of the perfect shade of orange for the office, and a plumbing part for the running toilet in our bath.

Oh, and get school supplies. We'll do the school uniforms and shoes for the boys NEXT weekend. I am so willing to pay the 8% sales tax and avoid the crazy crowds at the uniform place this weekend. I'd order all their stuff online and skip actually going to Parker at all, but I don't know what size skinny DinoBoy needs, and I'm not sure how the sizes run in the junior high uniforms Elder Child will be getting this year. Plus, I'm just not quite ready for school to start yet. Denial about having a kid in junior high AND a kindergartner and all that.

ORN -- I did my 3 miles on the TM today, so I' need 3 or 4 tomorrow, then a half-mary on Sunday. Outside. Oy. I'm regretting that Denver trip still.

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Silly Old Bear said...

Yes, it's well worth the 8 percent to miss the crazy people.

(but my wife made several strategic purchases today, shoes and whatnot, at different stores. Apparently if you fly solo you can get past the worst of the goofballs quickly)