Wednesday, August 16, 2006

ORN & bitching about the heat

hallelujah, she got off her butt and ran today. Not once, but twice. OK, that's because I woke up too late to do a full 7 miles before work, so I had to do four in the morning (wasn't that a Night Ranger song??) on the treadmill and then three on the indoor track at the gym during lunch. So I got the scheduled mileage in, although it's really not ideal to split up the mid-range runs that way. But at least it got done. But can I just say that 3 miles outside yesterday morning felt harder than 7 and change in Central Park on Sunday? Not really rocket science, but it just needed to be said.

So how hot is it in your neighborhood? Today, we hit 105. And tomorrow is supposed to be hotter. WTF? We must have done something really bad to hack someone off in a big, bad way. And humid, too. Ugh, ugh, ugh. It would be bad in any case, but it was even more unbearable because it was such a beautifully moderate weekend in NYC. That's twice this summer I've gotten spoiled by nice (meaning not Africa-hot) weather on a trip. Serves me right for getting away. By myself. When I could run on my own schedule, without concern for children or husband. Selfish bitch behavior apparently nets payback in a big, bad way.

Sidebar -- what is with the Rangers and the Angels beaning each other like schoolyard bullies? Just saw a second pitcher get ejected in the same half of the inning. Jeez, it'd be somewhat humorous if there wasn't the potential for serious injury there.

Anyhoo, there's apparently little relief in sight for us heatwise. And I get to pick up the boys from their first day of school right at noon. Oy.

Yeah, tomorrow is the boys' first day back. Elder Child will be in 6th grade, and DinoBoy starts kindergarten. It will be a day of sadness and tears and wailing and gnashing of teeth. And that's just me. DinoBoy has been beyond grumpy the last two days and today I asked him why he was so sad -- he said that he doesn't want to go to school again because there is too much homework. And then he cried for what seemed like forever, but was really just about three minutes and pulled me tight to him and let me hold him and rock him. And the sucker mom that I am, I made him a deal that if he earned a sticker for every day he did homework, we'd get him a Superman toy after 10 days. That cheered him up, and he popped up off the bed and ran to have dinner. Con artist.

So, I took the day off tomorrow to take them to school and pick them up early. And I took Friday to recover. 'cause it's hot. And I have 14 days of vacation left, for goodness sakes. Even after taking a week off in July, I still have enough vacation time for a nice Alaskan cruise. Sadly there isn't enough moolah for one. So I gotta burn it somehow. And staying home to recover from kindergarten seems good enough for me.

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barbara said...

save up the time and the moolah, Skatemom . . . Alaska is waiting for you. ;-)