Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dah,Dah, Dah-dee-dah, Dah, Dah, Dah-dee-dah

Oh yeah, baby, start spreading the news for sure! Skatemom is going to NYC! Never been until now, but Hub got called to a meeting there Saturday afternoon, and since it's our wedding anniversary Sunday and we have airline miles to spare, BOOM! I'm there. And, yeah, guess what we'll be doing Friday night?! Guess! Go ahead -- you might figure it out!

At this time tomorrow, I'll be yelling, "JOHNNY DAMON! You got the sweetest ass in the league!" from the right field seats at Yankee Stadium!!! Oooo-rah!!! That's right, we'll be doing some Yankee dancin'! They can tear that sucker down anytime after tomorrow and I can die in peace knowing I'll have made it to a game there. I was so worried that we'd never get a chance to go. See, 12 years ago we had planned a whole baseball odyssey for our honeymoon, from games at Yankee Stadium and Fenway, to road trips to (then) new Camden Yards and of course, the shrine of the great Game at Cooperstown. But we went to Puerto Vallarta instead, because of the baseball strike, which we knew was coming and which started on the day before the wedding. And they've been talking smack for the past few years about tearing down Yankee Stadium and building a new park for the Bombers, and it killed me to think I'd miss out on the whole thing. And when Hub got to see the damn stadium a few weeks ago, it tore me apart to think he'd get to go to a game without me. But now, we get to walk in together, and get hot dogs together, and experience that whole magic scene of seeing the infield together and see that fabled grass and the inside of the place, where Mickey played, and Babe and Roger and Joe DiMaggio. Hello! JOE DIMAGGIO! He hit in 56 straight games, and that will NEVER be replicated, and he did most of it there at Yankee Stadium. And we'll be there.

I cannot wait. I've never been (I think I said that, but it's still true!) and I'm so excited. I have to find out where we're staying -- Hub said it would be near Rockefeller Center, I think -- and plan a route to run around there Saturday morning. And Sunday's long run may look very different than otherwise! How long I go will depend on what time we have to leave for the airport, unfortunately. But I will run, oh yes, I will.

Yes, I know there is a Red level terrorist alert. One of my friends here at work is going to DC this weekend and she's not thrilled, either. But I ain't gonna let them terrorists keep me from Yankee Stadium. Oh, no. Not after all this time. Not now.

I can't think of a better way for us to celebrate our anniversary.
Traditional 12th wedding anniversary gifts have a theme of Linen and Silk. A contemporary or modern 12th anniversary gift has a theme of Colour Gems and Pearls. The flowers associated with the 12th anniversary are Peonies. Pshaw -- I'll take Yankee pinstripes and a diamond any day!

Peace out! I won't be taking my computer, but Hub will have his -- if we have The Internets at the hotel I'll try to update while I'm gone.


Denise said...

I'd say have a good time, but it sounds like you already are!! Have a cannoli for me...

Silly Old Bear said...

Great!!!! Have fun!