Wednesday, August 09, 2006

6 miles

Done. On the roads, outside, in weather that's just barely tolerable, thanks to the many folks with their lawn sprinklers going. It was early, but not early enough, since I had to rush a bit to cool down and get ready for work -- I spent a little too long flirting with the snooze button. Total time on the run was 1:04:something. I did have to wait nearly two minutes combined for stoplights and such, and that is included in the 1:04. I think. All the splits but two hovered around 10:40ish -- one was exceptionally speedy at 10:17 and another one was just blicky at 11:07. So it all pretty much averaged out to slow, but not horrendously so.

I am noticing that it used to take me about 1.5 miles or so to hit my groove on these mid-range runs, where I'd find a comfortable stride and breathing pattern, and now it's taking about 3 miles. At which point I'm ready to turn around and come home anyway. But until I hit that point, I'm constantly making bargains with myself not to bail early. I'm trying to talk myself out of just walking it in, trying to convince myself that 2 miles is enough, really. It's the same negative attitude that killed my long run on Sunday.

I must find some fresh motivation. Today, I kept thinking about Nytro and her Olympic tri this weekend, and thinking that if she could run a 10K after that swim and that bike and getting stung by a bee, I certainly could do a little 6-mile run with fresh legs. And I kept thinking about Nancy and the girls, and how she's managing to train for a freakin' IronMan, and if she can do it while chasing those two around, why can't I manage a little 6-mile run? So, thanks, Nytro and Nancy, for the push this morning.


nancytoby said...

Good for you for getting it done!!! Those longer solo runs are hard for me to get done, too!!

Nytro said...

well, now.... let's not get ahead of ourselves. i never said i did the run well!

glad to know that i have gotten under the skin of perfect strangers. kinda like a tick.