Wednesday, August 23, 2006

4 miles

bleagh. it was too hot and sticky outside, so I ran inside on the TM. 4 miles, about 44 minutes. it was slow and tedious. I have to get up earlier tomorrow so I can do a full 7 outside. I can't do 7 indoors -- too monotonous for words.

In a school-related note, apparently, kindergarten is no fun. such that DinoBoy and I had a, ahem, disagreement about getting ready this morning. But, the palm of my hand and the bottom of his seat had a quick meeting and resolved the situation. Yeah, he wont' be doing that again. it's probably only about the third time he's ever gotten a swat like that. But I wasn't having any of it -- when I tell you to get dressed for school, the proper response is NOT hiding under the covers in your bed. Of course, by the time we get to school, he's all smiles and light. Turkey.

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