Wednesday, January 30, 2008

gotta run!!

got 13 minutes left of battery so I got to make it quick.

All is well here, I head home tomorrow night, and the boys are all rested and getting better! The Elder Child had an extreme case of sinusitis Friday evening and Saturday, which is what necessitated the trip to the ER. He woke us up at 4:30 AM with a blinding, stabbing headache, so I took him in to make sure that all was well and he didn't have meningitis or an aneurysm or some such (a certain friend's experience with that made me a little, um, dramatic about it, OK). But after a scan to verify, some antibiotics and a weekend of lots of rest, he seems to be better.

OWN -- Walking Away the Pounds video from Exercise on Demand this morning, when I was too lazy to get my ass out of the apartment. It didn't feel challenging while I was doing it, but I'm feeling it in my quads now.

tomorrow, I have a 6-miler in the park scheduled, even if it is freaking freezing outside!


Bev said...

Glad the kiddos are doing better. Nothing worse than your little babies feeling miserable.

Just12Finish said...

Hi - I missed de-lurker day, but I just discovered your blog! I'm from DFW too - yes, the area, and the airport. You might be my twin. I spent several months doing weekly travel to NYC in 2006, and I know all about LGA and AA flights. I'm only Platinum too, which means Bronze at LGA. Plus I've run White Rock AND MCM - how weird is that!

Anyway, I enjoyed visiting your site :-)

Hope the family is feeling better.

batgrl said...

I'm a big one for "let them xray your head if the headache is bad!!!"
Glad the EC is well, that must have been scary for him.