Friday, January 25, 2008

Home, Home at last!

finally took off at 10:15ish. I was at least able to get a window seat so that I could board early, finish the book (um, HATED it, BTW... I think I preferred 100 Years of Solitude) and then CRASH for the rest of the flight. Arrived at DFW at 1:00 AM, then sat until row 30 finally was able to get up and out. Then I got to wander around the airport and get from Gate D to Gate A, and get to my car at 1:40. Sigh.

Baby boy was awake when I came in, so I went in, gave him some kid's ibuprofen to bring the fever down and gave him a cup of pedialyte. He drifted off again and I climbed into bed at 2:30ish, only to find the covers askew and damp from Hub having sweated through HIS fever breaking. Sigh. Had a little mini-meltdown on the side of the bed ("All I want is to sleep in my own bed!! Is that too much to ask?") that I will be paying the emotional toll on for months to come I'm sure ("I'm sick! I didn't even notice I was sweating 'cause I was freezing! Sorry!"). I finally got to sleep for a few hours before waking up and taking Elder Child to school. It was way too short a night, and a couple of hours' napping on the couch with TDP DinoBoy this morning was very welcome.

I did manage to get some work done, then I ran around doing some errands before jumping on the treadmill for 3 miles. So I did get a run in, and I have to say, I felt good all the way through. Ended up that five days' recovery from a long run mighta been a good thing!! I'll get four in tomorrow before Pinewood Derby in the afternoon, and then shoot for 9 on Sunday.

Despite everyone around me being sniffly, coughy and achey, we are enjoying the time gathered around the living room watching Daddy Day Care and just hanging out. Gotta run!

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From Here to There said...

Thanks for the book review - it's on my TBR list!

Sorry you had a bunch of sickies in the house, I'm horribly behind in reading blogs. I'm sure they're all better now!