Thursday, January 24, 2008


Status. It seems like my whole life is all about that word lately.

"what's the status of the project?"

"do you have preferred status with the hotel?"

"what is the status of the flight home tonight?"

"I have Platinum status. Does that help?"

"what's the status of the running plan?"

Sigh. Stuck at LGA. Again. My 8:40 flight was cancelled because of the ice storms coming into DFW tonight. So I got lucky and scored a seat on the 6:40, dashing out of the office right at 5:00 to make it here on time. Only to arrive and find our plane was in the hangar, getting mechanical issues dealt with. And then later to find that we're now delayed until another plane can arrive from Miami. It should be taking off from there Fu$%@#$ a Duck.

And normally, with the apartment here in the city, I wouldn't sweat an extra night in this situation. I would have just sat tight and hung out in midtown and grabbed the first flight out tomorrow. Except that this is the week of the sickness. In which the Elder Child had a croupy cough (no doubt exacerbated by FOUR hockey games this weekend) Tuesday and yesterday. And in which TDP DinoBoy came down with the flu last night. And I just got off the phone with Hub and he's achey and sore and scratchy in the throat.

Grandma dragged TDP DinoBoy into the doctor this morning, whereby he ran some tests and confirmed it as such for him. Poor baby hasn't had much to eat since yesterday except mashed potatoes and pedialyte, since he isn't much interested in much but sleeping and laying around like a sad sack of goo. And it kills me, because these kids are sturdy, most days, and of course, they go catching bugs the week that I have a particularly tough go at work, compounding the maternal guilt and twisting the knife in my back just... a... the left. Then, you add in a sick hub and it makes it that much worse. Bad mommy, abandoning all that you love to romp around in the big bad city (NOT!!). Still. Deep sigh.

Oh, and just to make me feel really good about things, I've not run a whit since Sunday's long run, and with me arriving at o'dark'thirty in the morning, it's not looking good for tomorrow either.

So, back to those questions:

"what's the status of the project?" RED. Not my fault, but still.

"do you have preferred status with the hotel?" Yes, but I'd rather have spent those 75 nights at home.

"what is the status of the flight home tonight?" DELAYED (better than CANCELLED).

"I have Platinum status. Does that help?" Not so much.

"what's the status of the running plan?" Don't ask.

On the upside, I have a Season 3 House DVD and a plug here at the gate, along with my nearly finished copy of Love in the Time of Cholera and my trusty wireless card. Wheee!

You know that "there is no free lunch" saying? Well, apparently, there is no free electricity, either. And the cost for a plug at Gate D5 at LaGuardia, my bloggy friends? HAVING TO SIT NEAR THE OPEN JETWAY WHERE IT'S FLIPPING 28 DEGREES!!

And also, if you're curious, which you're probably not, but now you know anyhoo: The touchpad on a Dell Latitude does not work when you have gloves on to keep your fingers from freezing when you are sitting on the flipping runway. F$%R@%$!!


Bev said...

My hats of to you. I wouldn't be able to remember my own name if I had all things going you have.

batgrl said...

Oh dear - fingers crossed that the flight got you home in reasonable time...and that it's warmer in Texas!