Sunday, January 06, 2008

Here We Goal!

I've put it off long enough. Here's a look back at 2007 goals, how I did against them, and of course, a few ones for this year, along with the PLAN to make them happen. Here goes nothing:
  1. Complete a workout (run/bike/swim) of 30 minutes or longer duration at least 5 times each week, for at least 48 weeks of the year.
    RESULT: I'll give myself a B- here. Even with the travel and job changes, which were significant, I was able to get out there and get a good workout in (mostly runs, but sometimes a swim and even now and again some weight training!!) most of the time. I did not have any weeks in which I did nothing, and no more than four days went by without a workout of some shape or form.
  2. Commit to weight/resistance training at least three times a week. This does not count toward the RBS workout goals.
    RESULT: D. I did better on this when I had the trainer engaged at the end of the year. The new apartment does not invite this, as the weights situation in the exercise room is less than ideal. But I'm probably going to find a gym in NYC that I can hit during the week. And I did do SOME weight work throughout the year, which is an improvement over previous years.
  3. Continue working with the nutritionist. The goal is learn to eat like an athlete so that I can fulfill my potential as an athlete.
    RESULT: F. Didn't happen. Because of the job change, I never got this off the ground. But I have the BodyBugg this year, and in the first week I've learned a lot about my pattern of eating. I think this is going to be a stellar year for the nutritional aspect of my training.
  4. By working with the nutritionist and completing the workouts as planned, the weight will come off, so that I can meet my goal of 140 & change by June 1.
    RESULT: F. Didn't happen. In fact, I'm just about two pounds over my weight from this time last year. Phoo. But, see the approach for #3 above. This is going to change in '08.
  5. Complete a fall destination marathon. Either Chicago or New York City. No time goal. Just enjoy the spectacle. For now, I'm leaving the door open for a possible 4th consecutive White Rock, but not committing to it yet.
    RESULT: Drop. Didn't get into NYC. Pretty glad Chicago was full by the time I realized I didn't get into NYC, seeing what transpired there with the heat. Didn't have it in me for White Rock again. But I'm going to call this a Drop rather than giving myself a failing grade, because I feel like I could have done White Rock if I'd made the trade-off of family time for training time. But I wasn't willing to make that trade.
  6. Complete two half-marathons this spring. On the schedule are Cowtown Half in February and an inaugural women's race in Dallas in early May.
    RESULT: B. Did the Cowtown Half, but then with the job change the day after (literally) I did not maintain mileage to do the Heels n' Hills in May. Plus, by then, I was training for Danskin and spending a lot of time in the pool.
  7. Swim well enough to finish 800 yards at a time without stopping. In water deeper than 5 feet.
    RESULT: C-. I can do this. My body can do this. The brain needed a little help. OK, the brain had a total meltdown. But I was able to swim up to 1500 yards at a time in the pool. This is a big focus for this year. I will do Danskin again. And I will not panic. And I will conquer the swim.
  8. Complete three sprint-distance triathlons. Right now, I've got Austin Danskin in June, IronGirl in July, and Longhorn Tri in Austin in September penciled in on my schedule.
    RESULT: C+. I did Danskin, and the Grapevine tri the week before. But Danskin pretty much did me in for the summer on the tri thing, psychologically, so I didn't do the third like I wanted. Plus, the weekly travel to NYC kinda put a kink in the swim thang for me.
So, there you go. Less than stellar on the surface, but I'm OK with it. This year was about a lot of things personally and professionally and not necessarily athletically. I struggled to find balance in my worlds and with my family. I was successful sometimes and not so much others. But in the end, with the year of transitions, I feel like I made some good strides and maintained a decent base of conditioning. I had set out a goal of 1300 running for 2007, but looking at my log, it seems like I topped out about 1150.

So, now, on to 2008. What lies in store for me this year? I've had a few thoughts on this in the last week, but really, I've been considering this for the last month, since the White Rock expo back in December. Ready or not, here they are:
  1. Run two spring halves and a full. Not for time. Just for the base that it will give me going into the summer. I'm rehabbing my creaky knee and putting a lot of focus on getting my fundamentals right. Right now, the schedule calls for Austin in February and Heels n Hills in May. In between, I will travel to OKC for the marathon there the last week of April.
  2. Finish five sprint tris throughout the summer and early fall. At least two of the races will be open water. Danskin is on the docket for sure, but the others will be small local races, with pool swims. The only goals will be to finish and improve performance and confidence from one race to the next.
  3. Run another fall marathon. NYC is on dock again, but if I don't get in, then I will find another the week after our birthdays. I may or may not do White Rock again. If I do, it will totally depend on what I feel like at the time. There will be no pressure to do White Rock.
  4. Lose the weight, for once and for good. The bodybugg will help me get there, but in the end, it's all about the calorie balance. And moving my body. And eating the right amounts of the right things. I can get there. I will get there.
  5. Do what it takes to stay healthy and uninjured. This means making the time for weights, stretching, yoga, icing, heat packs, rehab. massage, and regular chiro visits. My body will only perform as well as it can if I take care of it properly. I guess that goes for nutrition, too.
  6. Never let the training get in the way of my life. This is the biggest one. I know what needs to be done to be ready to meet the goals 1-4 above. But at the end of the day, my family comes first and while they are more than ready to stand by me and help me meet my goals, they also are deserving of my time when I can make it available. So while I will be sure to meet the weekly goals and meet the schedule and training plans, they are all subject to re-evaluation when the family needs conflict.
So, not nearly as demanding as last year's, but still pretty sizable. And they are accomplish-able, given the right amount of attention and effort. Notice there are no mileage goals -- I'm going to be a lot more organic with those numbers, mostly to keep from getting OCD, but also to keep from getting an overuse injury because I'm so focused on hitting a number. So, here we go, it should be a good ride!!

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batgrl said...

Wow, you are amazing! I've actually had to learn to not make resolutions as I have such a bad track record of actually doing things I resolve - but then if I just up and make myself do things - somehow I manage that. As long as I don't make a list. No idea why it works like that for me. Very silly.

Meanwhile grats on the Austin upcoming run! Yay!