Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I *really* wanted that Pinkberry...

so I've blogged before about the greatness that is Pinkberry. When I came into town early yesterday to meet up with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend (now fiancee, after New Year's Eve, but that's another story entirely) as they wrapped up their trip to NYC, we went to dinner up at Columbus Circle. I had wanted to skip dessert at Landmarc and walk up to 72nd and Amsterdam for the delightful goodness that is Pinkberry, but after five days of being touristy and hoofing it around Manhattan, they were not so game for it. So instead I had the lemon sorbet and pretended to enjoy it. I didn't really have to pretend, because it was yummo, but it wasn't Pinkberry. And tonight, when we left the office at a somewhat reasonable hour, I was still craving it. So I decided instead of running on the dreadmill up on the 21st+ floor of the building in the decrepit "gym" that I would go in search of Pinkberry. And I did. Despite the fact that it was 27 degrees out when we left our office. And probably colder by the time I got to the apartment.

I don't really have any cold-weather gear up here, since I took everything home for the week I was on vacation and haven't really brought it back yet. So even though I was layered with a tank, a tech shirt, and a long-sleeved shirt, I was still a bit chilly. OK, a LOT chilly. And I didn't have a hat, since someone at home had borrowed it and stuffed it in his locker before Christmas break, so he couldn't give it back to me. After about twenty blocks, I ended up ducking into a souvenir shop and paying about $10 too much for an NYC hoodie and a stocking hat. No matter, I was really freakin' cold by then. But not too cold to turn back without my Pinkberry. I was more than a little pissed when I got all the way down to 8th and 18th, got my fix and then heard the counter guy tell the dude behind me that there is another store on 35th, between 5th and 6th Aves. Dang! I could have been hitting that for the last two months! No matter, now I know and I can have it a little more often, without having to trek all the way down to Chelsea for it.

The upside of all the walking that I did, besides the fact that it culminated in a cup of Pinkberry, is that I ended up moving my body for a total of about an hour and a half. I had to duck into Duane Reade for chapstick, shampoo and lotion on the way back, so it wasn't constant movement, nor was it an outright run, but I did manage to burn enough calories to hit my deficit for the day. Go me. That's four days in a row (including New Year's Eve and last night's dinner out) that I've hit a deficit, even though the deficit wasn't as large on Monday as I had planned. So we shall see what the weekend's measurements and scale readings show us after all this. I can't wait.

Gotta run. Gonna try to watch Dave all the way through now that he's back on the air. And maybe stay up to catch Craig Ferguson. And I also have a presentation to give in the morning, too, that I should probably prep for.

That is all. I know I still have to go through my 2007 goals and set the 2008 ones in writing. Also must start up my 2008 log and close up the 2007 totals. All that is coming soon enough. Hang tight and peace out!!

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batty said...

San Diego still does not have a Pinkberry but having been hearing about it in the media for so long (all the "what IS in this" stories) I'm dead curious about it!