Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back on Track

OK, so the "light run" scheduled for Friday evening. Didn't happen. somewhere between the time I hit "post" and 7:00 PM, I crashed. Completely and totally crashed. I think it had something to do with laying on the couch with a small fuzzy kitten on my chest, I can't be sure. It might actually have something to do with an 8:45 flight out of LaGuardia having an hour-long delay, and then just enough bumps from the headwinds to keep me from sleeping onboard. Or something to do with three 14-hour days in the office this week. I do know that I woke up at one point and transferred my lazy arse to the bedroom. 'Roundabout 7:00 ish the boys came in and told me they were ready to go to Grandma's. OK, fine. Let's hit it. 45 minutes later, I was back on the couch, dead to the world. When Hub came in at 9:30ish, I was still there and there I remained. Next thing I know, it's Saturday morning. Sigh.

And now, to make the Bat hungry, I have to disclose that I skipped yesterday's morning run to partake of pancakes from the Crack(er) Barrel. Pecan pancakes, of course. I had all intentions of running later in the afternoon, once the sun was fully out and the outside temp rose above arctic (yes, I know, it's not THAT cold. But it's Texas, for cryin' out loud!). But then hockey game and lunch and preparing for dinner club took over and I skipped the afternoon run to partake of a long, hot, long bath. It's not a choice I regret. OK, maybe I regretted it a little when I saw the praline cheesecake squares that were on the menu for dessert. But not enough to skip out on them entirely.

But today, I make amends. And I'm back on track. 7 miles in the books. Got up before the alarm went off and hit the streets. Had to dress in layers, cause it's still freakin' cold outside.* But I got to wear my new bright white vest again, over a tank and my Marine Corps long-sleeved tech shirt. I had my gloves on and a Bondi band over my ears to keep my hair contained and the ears a little warm. I should have had a hat on, but I did OK without it once I warmed up. The first two miles are always the toughest for me on any run, but especially when it's cold like today. I start making deals with myself, like I'll run to the corner and then back and that will make it a mile, then I'll do the other six on the treadmill. BS like that. BS that I never follow up with if I give into it. So I don't. I just keep running, heading as far out in one direction as I need to, guaranteeing that even if I take a shortcut back I'll still get my full mileage in. If I don't do that, I'm doomed. Doomed, I tell ya.

So today, despite the cold and the skipping of two runs this week, I was feeling good out there. I set the interval timer on my watch (have I talked about how much I love my watch? I LOVE my watch!) for 10/1s so I could walk at roughly every mile. I had found the beltpack, so I was able to carry my own water (20 oz in about an hour, with another 20 as soon as I got home). I finished initially in 1:08:45, but once I got home and mapped it out (still no Garmin... sigh), I found I was about .4 of a mile short. So I headed back out around the block to finish it up. It was significantly colder the second time out, maybe since my underlayers were wet, or maybe since I'd been in the house for about five minutes by then and had felt how warm and cozy it was inside. But no matter, it got done. So that added on another 3:40. So, total time (counting on fingers... need the toes... got it!) to cover 7 miles was 1:12:25, for an average pace of 10:20. Pretty good pace for me, all things considering. Next week, we'll shoot for 8.5 miles, then 10 the first week of February. That should be enough to get me through Austin comfortably, especially if I keep up the midweek runs appropriately and keep up with the stretching and icing routines.

Now it's time for a bath and breakfast, as soon as the biscuits beep at me. Later, I have a LONG appointment at the spa for some eyebrow shaping, facial, and a long overdue haircut. Gotta run -- hope you have a great day!!

*Just checked and it says it's just now 26 degrees, but feels like 21. Eeep! It must have been colder when I first set out right before the sun came up. SO glad I didn't check before I left, or I'd have hightailed it back to bed instead!!


batgrl said... I want pancakes!
And of course we can't go out anywhere because San Diego's playing! Er, not like we'll be winning - oh um, not like I know that for sure...

Bev said...

Show off!

Just kidding. Great job and such discipline to go back out to get the last little bit. You are going to do great in Austin.