Sunday, January 06, 2008

5 miles

done. It's a lot like starting over. I haven't run a 5-miler in several weeks, maybe longer. It is a gorgeous, clear, crisp morning, with a slight breeze (OK, maybe a wind) and bright sunshine. Amazing weather for a run. And sadly, good weather for all the little projects that need doing in the garage and flowerbeds. Sigh. Must run or Hub will save the yucky jobs for me.

(Right now, he and Elder Child are fondling, um, err, washing and waxing the Mustang. Yes, it was a keeper. But apparently, we mere mortals are not allowed to ride in it, sit in it or heaven forfend touch it, lest we leave fingerprints or smudges or somesuch. Oy.)

Gotta run. I *really* am going to post 2007 recap and 2008 goals soon. Happy Sunday!

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