Friday, February 01, 2008

Of Cadavers, Fridays and BIG NEWS!

So the Bat resisted posting the graphic, but instead hid this gem in her blog entry. I am not so restrained -- after all, I ain't got much else going on:

$4575.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.

I thought it would be worth more, but apparently, there were no valuations for the metal plate in the forearm, the front tooth implant (from my unfortunate faceplant back in '04), or the multiple metal dental fillings. I feel robbed.

In other news, if I can get my a$$ off the computer here, I'll hit the road for a quick 3-miler before meeting up with some of my Dallas-SMOO peeps for lunch. I'm loving the home-on-Friday thang -- I might be able to get used to this stuff.

ORN -- 3 miles around the park here soon (or, maybe after I pick up the boys -- I didn't realize how late it is and I haven't taken a shower yet...)
Thursday ORN -- 6 miles in Central Park. It WAS cold, but not bitterly so. I had running tights under my workout pants, two shirts and my vest, along with a hat and gloves. We were cool. My running partner up there kicks my butt, though, and gives me no excuses to bail on the run AND he makes me run up the hills. Bastard. But, he sherpas my water and he's an all-around Good Guy, so whattyagonnado?

ooooh, and before I forget -- there is some BIG news coming soon. We have to finalize a few details, but there is some stuff going on that's going to be AWESOME! Trust me.


Bev said...

Ooooo! Suspense! You suck! Tell us already.

Diane said...

LOL - I'm worth $50 more than you. NAH NAH NAH NAH!!!

You can probably assume I lied on some of those questions LOL

Just12Finish said...

Central Park is wonderful for running. I used to run there from my hotel in Midtown, and I remember one time when it had snowed and it was all white. Lucky you!

Hey, I see some medals in you header ... send me some pics and I'll post it on my other site "26.2 Bling" :-)

And the most important thing I forgot to tell you ... Hook 'em Horns!