Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm in!

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So, pond hockey tournament be damned, I just signed up for the half marathon in Austin. It's official! A concrete targeted date for the come-back! Next steps are getting in touch with Ellie and arranging the meet-up. Anyone else? Website said they're close to capping both the full and half, but both are still open right now. Come join the fun!

My physio guy says I'm all good to start inching up the mileage from a long run of 4 miles this weekend. That still gives me plenty of time to work up to a minimum of an 11 miler before taper without jeopardizing the cranky shin and knee, as long as I ice properly and stretch (stretch? what is this "stretching" you speak of??). I need the motivation of having actually signed up and spent $$$ to keep me on task. I'm not so worried about time results this go-round, just getting back into the running groove on a consistent basis. Cannot wait!

In other random news, guess what happens this year? My dear sweet hubby turns 40! He's starting to feel the itch of an early mid-life crisis. How can I tell? Because this:

is what he brought home on New Year's Eve! It's very pretty, and very racy, but not at all practical. And really, when we think about all the things he *could* start chasing at this phase of his life, I say, "Go for the car!"

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Diane said...

OK - so he brought the car home - was it a keeper? I HOPE SO! Awesome!