Wednesday, November 28, 2007

If I *have* to be away from home...

then I can't really think of a better evening than this:

paella and good conversation with the team at Havana (Cuban restaurant in West Village)
warm chocolate cake with ice cream
Chris Isaak with Craig Ferguson on the Late, Late Show

Um, yeah, I'm a total loser. Can't be helped, so I may as well embrace it, no?

YORN: 5 miles last night -- down Park Ave to 14th Street, back up 7th St to the apartment, 49:50 running time (about another 5 minutes waiting for the lights to change)

ORN: 4 miles this morning, 45 minutes.
The gym in this building is fairly sucky, in that there is only one TV instead of the 4 at the other apt. building. And the cable on it doesn't work, so there is only the local channels. And the lady on the other TM was watching the bad morning news team FULL BLAST, so that I couldn't hear Grace Lazenby on my iPod. But that was OK because it was freakin' frigid outside.

Gotta run, so I can give full attention to Mr. Isaak and Mr. Ferguson. peace out.

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Vickie said...

Hey, your running times are getting faster! Sorry to say, it will only get colder. I remember the Havana restaurant from last summer!