Friday, November 16, 2007

The good news?

I've been a commenting fool for the last two hours, reading all that I've missed out on in blogland. Boy, y'all are crazy-busy, even in the off-season. I've had more than enough opportunity to catch up on all my favorite reads.

The bad news?
I've had two hours to catch up blogs because of the freakin' wind at LaGuardia. Tell me, folks, if you can see what is wrong with *this* picture:

Yes, my life sucketh mightily right now. Harumph. But, what are you gonna do? Of course, the grand irony was that the cab ride from midtown to LGA took all of 35 minutes (a new PR, as it were), the security line had ONE person in it in front of me, and she had her crap in a pile so by the time I got my shoes off the xray conveyor belt was empty and waiting for me. Of course.

One happy side effect of the delay? I'm getting all my Christmas or-gan-eye-za-shun done, so I'll have completed my lists and updated the addresses by the time I get home tonight. Whenever the heck that might be.

Oooh, customer service award goes to American Airlines on this one. Just NOW got a voicemail from them. Telling me my flight, that should have been boarded half an hour ago, that should be taking off in two minutes, is delayed. Thanks for sharing. Argh.

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Juls said...

Hey there, Thanks for stopping by my blog and reminding me about your blog. I recognized your email/name right away. Sorry your held up. I've got a 6-7 hour drive tomorrow. Ugh.