Thursday, November 08, 2007

running in the city

I really do enjoy running in the city. While I always prefer to run in the mornings at home, when I'm here in NYC I find the best way to unwind after a crazy day at the project is to go for a run.

And speaking of a crazy day at the project -- who goes for a smoke break during a regularly-scheduled status meeting? Yes, they're the client, but honestly. Get up in the middle of a meeting (that YOU called and insist on, BTW!) and then come back 10 minutes later? And not even pretend to hide the lighter and cigarette holder when you throw them down on the conference table? Anyway, I digress. Where was I?

Oh, yeah, I was running out to the south side of the reservoir and then back down the west side of the park to Columbus Circle and then trying to get through the packs of tourists that crowd the sidewalks near the new apartment. So, yeah, on nights like today, I remember how much I love running. I covered just over 5.5 miles in 54:45, which was pretty good time considering how much i had to zig and zag around the folks standing around the streets. Never mind if I never run another race again (highly unlikely, BTW -- I crave the finisher hardware too much), I know on nights like tonight that I will always, as long as I can do it, be a runner.

tomorrow is fly-away day. Cannot wait. I miss my boys. and my crazy psycho possum-like cat. and my sweetie. and my bed. The weekends are too short, but that makes me treasure the time all the more. Peace out!

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Diane said...

What's with the lack of updates? LOL

I got your message and SO SORRY I wasn't hear to be your navigation system - I would have been honored!