Wednesday, November 21, 2007

looking for my mojo

I believe I've misplaced it, probably somewhere around 52nd and 8th. Sigh. Just hadn't felt like doing much of anything the last few days. I did get out for a run this morning, in what felt like sweltering conditions (although says its only 71 with 60 percent humidity -- bah! ). I managed to keep up a 10:00 mile for 4, which is pretty good, but nothing close to what I'll need to sustain to PR tomorrow on the Turkey Trot course. Which has hills. Oy.

The weight has continued to fluctuate -- it barely maintains when I don't run, and doesn't budge at all when I do run. I know it's all about the intake, and my intake is for crap lately. 60 percent of that can be attributed to the work hours and environment -- I don't often get time to eat a decent lunch, so I end up snacking on whatever 4-hour-old sandwiches were brought in for someone else's lunch meeting. And by the time I get out of the office and head to the apartment, i don't feel like eating a good dinner, so I end up snacking on something (I have at least stayed away from the cupcakes lately) but it's not nearly the good balance that I need. And that plays into not only the weight but the energy and motivation for the next morning, in that I don't wake up in time to run in the morning, and even if I did, I'd be running on empty. Sigh. But I know that I've got to get a handle on it. I know the right things to do -- actually making them a priority is going to be the tough part, but I know that it's got to be done, for my long-term sanity and well-being. Getting back on track while I'm away from the project this week is step one.

So I'm hoping to find a little corner of my mojo while I'm home, at least enough that I can grab onto it and keep it with me for a while longer. I'm in significantly more control of when and what I eat, and we've been able to sit down to a home-cooked meal every night I've been home (except for Scout meeting day, but even that was leftover home-made shrimp with rice from Sunday). I felt good on the run this morning, even if I did feel like I was wading through the air.

And bottom line, as I sit here in my office, in my house, with my kids and hubby asleep in the next rooms over, even if my running mojo stays lost for a few more days or, hell, even weeks, right now, at this moment, I'm doing OK. Better than OK, actually.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving (y'all Canadians, too!) and enjoy time with your friends and family. I may or may not post a Turkey Trot report -- it depends less on whether I PR and more on whether I can remember my Blogger password, that I apparently reset last week and yet can't now remember. As long as it stays in my browser cookies, I'm OK. Gotta blast!

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Vickie said...

Hope you find your mojo soon! I hate losing it too! When I saw your temperature, I had to look again at the date of your post. I forgot how much warmer it is for you at home. Hope your Turkey Trot went well. Post something!