Friday, November 16, 2007

um, yeah, hi...

apologies for the three of you out there who stop by on a regular basis. This past week has been crazy-busy to say the least. Three nights in a row of not leaving the office until 10:00 pm. Which sadly translated into no running to speak of, except for last night when I was finally determined to hit the streets for a 50-minute jaunt through Times Square and down to Chelsea, then back up 5th Ave to see all the storefronts. I ended up walking some, running some, just depending on how I felt and how crowded the sidewalks were and what taxis were trying to run me down. I just needed to get out and move.

You know how some people have a bad day at work and walk out saying, "I need a drink"? or, usually for me, "I need some chocolate"? This week, it was all about the "I NEED to run." Not fast, not far, just a bit. But the problem with working until 10:00 is that my nutrition was for sh!t (and not in the usual "I ate crap"way, but in the "I have eaten NOTHING substantial since 11:00 am" way) to the point that I had no fuel for a run, and I knew if I went out that late that I would be wired until past 1:00 AM. As it was, it was hard for me to fall asleep before 12:30 with all the things jumbled in my head. So nothing until last night.

But I haven't been a total sloth. My apartment is a nice brisk 16-minute walk from the office and I've walked it every day -- I will only take a cab if it's pouring rain, something beyond a mist. So at a minimum I've gotten half-hour walks in each day. And I have started each morning with some combination of lunges, plies, yoga stretches (let's not call it all-out yoga but yoga-like I'll agree to). So I'm OK, but just am missing the running.

Going home today, and will be home for the week next week, although working from the front office M-T. Should be a good break and will give me plenty of time to recharge for the next big push here in the city.

gotta blast, but thanks for the concern. all is well.

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