Thursday, November 01, 2007

running again

so after a week off I'm running again. Up and down the Hudson River Parkway and around the west end of Central Park. Where they have the bleachers up for the marathon this week. Sigh. I wish I was doing NYC this year -- I might have a little more motivation. I bailed last night after a couple of strong runs Monday and Tuesday. But the sadness of missing Halloween at home, together with extreme stress from the day at the office, combined to leave me drained of all energy. And then there was a deal on Bravo about the scariest moments in films, so that sucked me in, until I drowsed off well before 10:00 pm. How sad is that? And the weather was perfect for a run, but I just was wiped out, again, more emotionally than physically.

anyhoo, tonight will hopefully be an 8-miler around the park and into the East Side neighborhoods I used to run in when I was at the hotel. Looking forward to that -- that's what I was supposed to last night.

Not much more going on. As fun as it was to have the kids here, it is even more sucky to be apart from them again.

As soon as I get photos from Hub I'll post them. TDP DinoBoy was Greedo and we were unsuccessful in getting Elder Child to don the Han Solo garb and go with. I even told him I'd get him this shirt, but he opted out of that, too -- apparently he didn't want to be a geek. I thought it would be hilarious! Anyhoo, they apparently also got a shot of Elder Child stripping the mask off a la Scooby Doo -- "and we'd have gotten away with it, too, if not for those meddling kids!!" Yeah, they're worried about being geeks. Horse and barn door, folks, horse and barn door.

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