Friday, November 30, 2007

Going Home

at last. Or we're trying to, at least. Currently in a cab on the Upper East Side, slowly wending my way toward LaGuardia. So I can catch the 8:00 pm flight... instead of the 3:30. Ahem. Enough said.

Tried to enjoy the Cowboys' game last night. It was tough listening to snoremeister Bryant Gumbel and the cheeshead homers. It seemed like they were so hesitant to admit that the Cowboys might be the better team. Even at the end, they focused on Favre being out of it instead of giving full credit where credit is due. Argh. No matter -- my boys at home are doubtless thrilled about their 11-1 'Boys. Even if we did get spanked by the Patriots. We're enjoying the ride while we can.

What else, what else? Not much, except did I mention that I get to go home in a minute? Thrilled about that, let me tell ya!

Oh, and the forecast for NYC next week is supposed to be in the mid-20s, with highs only in the 40s, if that. Um, we have a problem -- me no likey the cold. I thinks I will be very sad next week, especially if I don't get the heater in the living room of the apartment fixed. I'll just need to be sure I bring a double set of flannel pajamas and fuzzy slippers to keep me warm.

that is all -- the battery on this thing is nearing it's end and there is no plug in sight in the cab. The good news is that I've actually gotten a little closer to the airport since I've been typing. I might actually make it on time --shush, don't jinx me!!

Peace out -- see you on the other side of the weekend. I don't plan on even bringing the computer out of the bag tomorrow or Sunday.

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