Monday, December 03, 2007

Mama, it's COLD outside!!

brrrr. wasn't so bad when I landed this morning (we left on time and landed early -- first time EVAH!! at LGA), but in the time I was in the office, it got very cold. And windy. Like rattling the windows windy. And cold. Did I mention that? I had my long wool coat -- the one with missing buttons that I didn't notice were missing because I NEVER wear it in Texas. Because it's never cold enough to wear anything more than a sweatshirt and jeans. Or if it's really cold, a hooded sweatshirt. Seriously. I lived the whole winter last year living in long-sleeved tees and gap sweatpants. So to have to wear a long wool coat and still be cold? Brrr.

In other news, we have Turkey Trot photos, but they are horrendous and shall not be shared here, mostly because they highlight the worst feature on my body, namely the stomach that ate Brooklyn. Sigh. I SWORE up and down when I started this job and this travel that it wouldn't affect my workouts, but sadly, it *has* affected the regularity with which I actually work out, and the quality of my workouts, and thusly, the size of my waistband. Deep sigh. And my speed is the same as it was last year, roughly, but yet I'm heavier (only about three pounds from this time last year, but still, I'm squishier). So it makes me wonder how much faster I would be if I could really finally lose this weight. Really. Finally. Lose. the Weight.

Too much to consider right now. I just have a new motivation to eat properly and keep to the schedule. As has been the case the last few years, I know what needs to be done, I just need to actually make it happen. I'm the "Queen of Making it Happen" in my professional world, and take great pride in being so. I just need to transfer that "git 'er done" to my nutrition and training. To myself. Because I deserve it just as much as any project that I'm working on, or anything else in my life.

So, there. Scintillating, I know. But, as to not leave you thinking that I'm sad and mopey about my weight (I'm not -- I know what needs to happen and why it's not, and I know what I need to do about it), I leave you with this:

Gotta go, so I can wake up and hit the TM upstairs before work tomorrow. Laters!

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