Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Guidelines

It's New Year's Eve. I didn't have any goals for this year, so I can't do my usual report card. And that's okay. I'm not "into" objective measures right now anyway. But while I was out running this morning, I came to the realization that instead of making resolutions for myself in 2014, I would instead come up with Guidelines. Instead of resolving myself to doing (or not doing) something, or reaching for some, let's face it, arbitrary goals, I would instead come up with guidelines for myself for the new year.  Things that, if I follow them, will help my life be more full, more complete, and more satisfying than if I don't.  Things that will help me to be a better version of myself. As with everything I do, these are subject to change, but right now, sitting on my couch with a cat in my lap and my Christmas tree still up, these guidelines represent priorities in my life at this moment, and represent what I think will be important to me 365 days from now.

  1. Continue to strive for balance in my life and in my recreation. I used to be so defined by labels I put on myself - mother, runner, wife - that I would crowd out other things, other possibilities. I am a mother, a wife, a runner, a friend, a daughter, a business analyst - all roles that I love and that I want to fill well. But I am none of these things exclusively. Some roles may take more energy during different timeframes throughout the year, and that's okay, but I can't let one take long-term precedence over the other roles, not at the expense of the others. 
  2. Shepherd my children while I help them foster their independence. They are young men now, more cognizant of cause and effect, of the consequences of their actions, of the responsibilities and privileges of being active members of our home and of society. I want to continue to nurture them while giving them freedom to make the choices that are right for them while maintaining the security of a loving family and the value that we hold important. 
  3. Avoid sabotaging myself, with my words and with my deeds. I know how to reach the goals that I have set forth, and I also have historically done a fine job of getting in my own way. I need to stop doing that, both mentally and physically. I need to be as supportive and encouraging to myself as I am to others. 
  4. Support my husband in his running and fitness goals without imposing my own. I love that he has become a runner, that he has expressed interest in racing, in pushing his own physical boundaries. I need to encourage that without pushing my own expectations on him. I have experience that I can share, and I anticipate bringing him more into the fun and happiness that I find in running. But I need to do that on his timeframe, at his comfort level, not on mine. 
  5. Surround myself with people who bring me joy.  I am blessed with many friendships and deep meaningful relationships that make my life fuller and challenge me to reach further, think harder, and do more than I would have otherwise considered. They are a source of camaraderie, of fun, and of mutual support when things are rough.  I need to continue to foster these relationships not only because of the adventures we have, but because I feel like I am living deeply when I do so. 
  6. Dig more deeply into my photography. I am very fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants when it comes to my camera and what I choose to capture. I would like to refresh myself on the technical aspects of photography, things I learned 25 years ago in my intro RTF classes, and learn more about new technologies. I want to explore what I can do to help me transcend from a shutterbug to a more serious artist. 
  7. Document things more completely. Whether it's in this blog, in a journal, or through photography, I want to keep a more permanent record of things in 2014. Time is so fleeting, and I not only want to live in the moment as they are happening, but I truly want to capture them, so that I can look back and reflect and treasure the memories that I have created. 
The road behind me. What's in front? Let's find out! 

What's on your list of things to do in 2014?

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Diane said...

Love your guidelines and I'm stealing number 2 for sure!!!! You look gorgeous my forever friend!!!!