Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Sometimes Things Are Stoopid

I'm grumpy because baseball off-season makes me twitchy with all the Stoopid trades and deals and free agents that I love going to teams I hate or players I hate going to teams I love. 

I'm tired still from a great weekend in which I didn't relax at all but had a fabulous time but wasn't ready for Stoopid Monday. 

I didn't feel like running today but the streak, y'all. The Stoopid streak. Who signs up for a streak in November, in Texas, when the weather can sometimes be, you guessed it, Stoopid? 

My heart rate monitor was being Stoopid today. It decided my HR was either 92 or 179. Nothing in between. Stoopid. 

My right shoe had a rock in it. Stoopid rock. 

Everything is Stoopid today. Even the Stoopid mile I ran to preserve the Stoopid streak. 

Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe not so Stoopid. I can only hope. 

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