Sunday, December 08, 2013

Icemaggedon 2013, aka Cleon

We finally got above freezing today! YAY! 

People all over DFW have been seriously struck with cabin fever since Thursday night. Runners in my circles were especially disappointed at the cancellation of some major trail and road races yesterday and today. Totally understandable in light of the months of training they put in. I was disappointed, too, especially since I was supposed to volunteer at one and spectate at the other. Volunteering and spectating are fast becoming my favorite things to do at races! 

However, I embraced the down time, and took advantage of the inability to leave my house to enjoy lots of couch time, put together a couple of photo projects I've been unable to get to, and snuggle with both my kitty cats and my sweet baboo. The Nerdlet and I watched several hours of documentaries on the 80s, we listened to a couple of podcasts, and we lingered in bed for hours after waking up because FLANNEL SHEETS, Y'ALL!  I will admit, there were a couple of times over the long weekend that I questioned whether I was taking this whole "snowed in" thing too seriously, especially after seeing so many friends jerry-rig their shoes so they could run outside, or hearing how people were undertaking all these home projects and such. I wondered if there was maybe something wrong with me for being not so ambitious. But in the end, I decided, nope, I am just fine. I might be considered lazy, but when I stop and think about the last time I spent three days doing absolutely nothing, and can't remember it, then I think maybe it's okay. And then I look at the calendar and think about when the next opportunity I'll have to do this, and I know that it's okay. More than okay. 

And when the thaw happened, and I happened to look out the window and see that the streets were dry? I grabbed my shoes and my camera and went for a walk! 

The trail was so pretty today! The trees were weighted down with ice still, and it was so quiet outside, with the exception of the crackling as the thaw hit. 

Don't let the snow/ice pic fool you. I was safely hidden inside until there were clear sidewalks. I just couldn't bring myself to risk a fall on slippery roads.  But I couldn't resist a shot of the remaining precip! 

I had plenty of time to play with photo editing tricks. PLENTY of time. 

What did you do to pass the time when Cleon hit? When was the last time you took a free weekend?

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