Sunday, January 05, 2014

Week 17 DONE

Hit all my mileage again this week, on the day they were scheduled even. Had an amazing time doing it.  By the way, I've decided to count down from 18 instead of up, so that's why we jumped from Week One to Week 17. It's my blog and I can count like I want to.

I love my Frunners and my FIGJAM girls. They definitely made my weekend rich and deeply satisfying.

We jiggled our butts for 5k and a great cause, and had a blast along the way. New FIGJAM tradition! 
Also, please let it be known that 9.5 miles of trails at Cedar Ridge is incredibly tough on your legs, no matter what pace you do it. But the rewards are plenty. 

Peppermint Patty came to visit for the weekend! 

Who put all these hills on my trail? 

Week 17: 25.8 miles total. Included a 5k race, a trail hike & three short weekday runs. 
And yes, it did cross my mind to go around the block for an extra .4 mile, but I ain't all nuts. 

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