Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday 13: The Randomness Returns

13.  This run streak is killing me. I've been doing the bare minimum more days than not. I hate that, but I'm glad I'm getting something done.
12. There are not enough race funds in the race budget to do all the races that I want to do.
11. I love having my boy home.
10. He and his brother are getting along fabulously, and it makes me really happy to come home from work and find them hanging out together, playing video games and watching movies.
9. I really like my job. I like my work colleagues. I don't like that my office has no hot water, a dim light in the single unisex bathroom, and yesterday the heater didn't work.
8. If I am actually going to do all these races, I should probably be running more than a mile a day. Sigh.
7. I am in serious love with scarves this season, so much so that I want to fly to Manhattan so I can buy a dozen off the street vendors in Times Square.
6. I also just very much want to go to Manhattan. So pretty in the city at Christmas-time.
5. Our consultants left the office today and said "See you next year!"  Yikes, that makes it real.
4. We need to do our gingerbread house and decorate our tree. Not sure when this is going to happen.
3. We may do this after our 5k on Saturday. We are doing the Santa Run! Can't wait!
2. This ice storm affected people's ability to drive. Three days after the ice melted with dry roads, people are still going 15 miles an hour over the bridges.
1. Thirteen things is a lot of stuff to come up with...

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