Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 1 LHR

Today was the first day of the LHR training, and this is how it went:

Run time: 31:53:02
Total mileage: 2.5 miles
Pace/mile: 12:45/mile
calories burned: 288
Average HR: 137
Peak HR: 145

Time in
Sheesh. That's slow, even slower than my prep runs on Monday and Tuesday (those were half-hour runs of 2.75 miles, for an average pace of 10:54. But I realized this morning that my heartrate was well above my LHR high end of 142, as I had a bit of a struggle to stay under that several times today. I did manage to stay within the HR range of 120-142 for 29 minutes, though, with only 1 minute above the range. I slowed to a walk almost instantly when I heard the watch alarm go off, and I only started to run again when it came down to about 135.

It's been hot when I go out, but not nearly as humid as I'm used to by this time of the year, so I think that's helped keep the effort down. I'm looking forward to trying this when I start traveling again, too -- we'll give it a test when we go to Denver next weekend. It will be interesting to see how it translates to the treadmill, too. Right now, the plan is to keep to half-hour-ish runs this week, with a long run of 90 minutes on Sunday, and then bump up the daily runs to 45 minutes next week and an hour the following week. After that, I'll keep up hour-long runs 5X a week with a long run on Sunday. With that approach, we'll let the mileage be what it will be, and worry just about keeping the HR steady and improving the engine.

So that's all. Gotta go - I'll be posting the slideshow from last weekend tonight so everyone can see it, but first I've got to send the email to my donors and honorees.

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Just12Finish said...

Not bad for a first time out!