Monday, July 07, 2008

home now

for a while, it seems. lots to catch up on around the homestead, and some actual work every now and again. still getting kicked out for showings twice a day, too, which is becoming more and more a PITA since there is no actual SALE coming out of it. mostly, though, I'm enjoying being home and sleeping in my bed and spending time with all three of my boys and those two insane cats.

Biggest item on the to-do list this week is packing and last-minute prep for the AvonWalk this weekend. Physically, we're ready, I think. Fundraising-wise, I'm at 93%, with a verbal commitment from my brother that should get me to goal. And I still have a couple of last-minute pleas to get out to some folks from the project that committed but haven't actually paid up yet. So I'm good to go there. For now, it's pretty well done but the doing, I guess.

I will probably not be blogging for a couple of days while I get a foothold on what needs to be done around here to get ready for the move (sell the house... ahem). I have already imported about 500 photos from both cameras taken over the last three months and need to go through those and post the choice ones to flickr and here. That was high on the list, and I'm glad to have the memory free for this weekend's trip. I'm sad that I didn't do more photography when I was in NYC, but I just didn't have the time/energy to do it while trying to log 40+ hours in the workweek and not keel over from exhaustion.

More to come, but probably not for a while. I have a lot of stuff to filter through about what comes next after AvonWalk, but for now, I need to get through it, give thanks that I am able to do it, and most of all, enjoy the experience. Later will come soon enough, methinks.

Peace out, folks.

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