Tuesday, July 15, 2008

At the Finish!

IMG_7534, originally uploaded by ccervant_99.

This is the official photo of us at the end of this weekend's 39.3 mile AvonWalk for Breast Cancer. Many more to come, once I get the rest of the photos from Alicia's camera.


Just12Finish said...

Hook 'em!

Marissa said...

congratulations, once again! and i must say...you're such a longhorn! :)

Diane said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!! What a weekend - wish I could have been there along side you!

Hey, I was in SFO though - does that count a bit? LOL


Bev said...

Awesome job. I have to agree about walking the distance being harder on your body than running. I did 26 miles in two days back in May and it really zapped me. Hope you have recovered by now.