Monday, July 28, 2008

Partner in Crime

I loves teh Internets! As discussed below, I've just started the LHR training thang, and am constantly trying to figure out the missing part of the equation in regards to getting the weight under control. But today, I think I may have found another avenue that will keep me accountable, that will keep me motivated, that will keep me, let's face it, HONEST! And that, friends and naybers, is a Training Partner! More details to come... I've got a couple of revisions to make to a couple of hairy spreadsheets and a proposal doc before I head to bed, and I also need to hit the streets for a 40-minute run now that the temps have cooled down to 90 degrees now.

More later, pinky promise!!!

I did NOT go outside to run yesterday. By the time I finished with what I needed to finish, it was 10:30 and STILL 90 degrees out. Hub was adamant that I not go out into the dark and heat to run at that hour. Elder Child was passed out in the playroom where the treadmill is, so I didn't want to bother him, and I couldn't handle a 15-minute drive to the gym for 40 minutes of SLOW running. So I bailed. I am a chucker loser and a slacker, I admit it. BUT!!! (she adds somewhat victoriously) I did NOT have a bowl, or even a cup, or even a spoon of the praline caramel ice cream in the freezer instead. So, I'm not a complete slack-ass, just a partial one.

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