Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All Your Base Are Belong to Us

So, I have no events scheduled. Not just in the next month, or three months, or six months. I. have. no. events. scheduled. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Which is something that makes the common folks who share my house very, very nervous. See, 'cause if I don't have anything to train for, then that means, pretty simply, that I have no reason to train. And we can't have that. Because the week I took off to recover from my little weekend stroll nearly killed me. And those in my house. I was crabby, cranky and pretty much a pain to be around. If not for the garage sale tasks, I'd have made everyone else crabby, cranky and pretty much a pain to be around too, just by osmosis.

So we have to have a goal for the training. We have to have a Raison d'ĂȘtre or we just pretty much make everyone nuts. And the goal for the training, for at least the next three months, probably for the rest of the year, is....

(insert drumroll, in case you can't guess by the headline)

Base training, using LHR (that's low heart rate) training. Building the aerobic base and teaching the old body to be an effective aerobic machine. Also, building base for next spring, in which I re-attempt the Love the Half marathon madness, hopefully with much faster times. Also, building swimming endurance for the triathlons next summer, in which I will progress to an Olympic distance by the end of the year. Also, spending a lot more time with the pushup, the pull-up, and the crunch (gawd, I HATE the crunch -- a fact well-attested to by my waistline).

So, that's it. There ya go. We've done some unofficial LHR runs yesterday and today, which were mostly unofficial b/c the Suunto T1 did not arrive until our friendly UPS guy brought it by this afternoon (last year's model -- score! "brick" color AKA burnt orange -- double score!!). So tomorrow, we begin in earnest, with a target range of 120-142. Look for more stats like total time running/mileage (just for comparison's sake)/avg HR, etc. This place may start to look like a running blog again. Go figure.

Peace out, folks! It's past dinner time and the boys are hungry -- gotta rustle up something to eat!

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Good luck!