Sunday, March 30, 2008

time to go to work

and get some rest... Kinda joking, but not really.

In the last 72 hours (+/-), I have:
  • helped paint the entire house
  • spent 5 hours in the car driving to/from race and hockey (I finished and the Sharks won the House championship!!)
  • spent 2:22 running a VERY hilly half-marathon course
  • purged, cleaned and organized every room in the house (except for the kitchen -- the kitchen is the only thing left)
  • washed, folded and put away four loads of laundry (two left)
  • washed and changed all the sheets on all the beds
  • shopped for and hung new curtains in the guestroom
  • shopped for and hung shower curtain in the hallway bath
  • had dinner out with eight of my bestest friends ever!! (German food -- yummy!)
I list this not to brag, but to remind myself that it will be quite OK if I don't get my reading done on the plane and instead snooze between here and LGA tomorrow morning!!

Updates to come this week on the San Fran trip and this month's mileage totals/March Madness results. Peace out folks -- hope y'all have a great week!


Bev said...

WOW! You little Texas tornado. You better get some rest this week. I feel like a total slug after reading your list. Could you send me some of your go-gettum?

Just12Finish said...

What were you trying to do, close out the quarter on a high note?! :-)