Tuesday, March 11, 2008

another day

another three miles. Walking again -- this is just not a friendly running town, at least not this part of it. I need to go out in the morning to get some good pace to it, so I'm not dodging the drunken tourists (and their kids in their strollers!!).

On the upside, I did decide to get over my righteousness about this place and put down a little money on the slots. I put $11 in the Texas Tea machine (was there any doubt that I would choose another one? Really?), and about ten minutes later cashed out with $17. Not bad. Then I took that ticket to Wheel of Fortune, where I really didn't understand the game, but just kept hitting buttons until it hit and I ended up with $21. So I cashed out again and headed back to the MGM Grand, calling it a night. So I nearly doubled my money. I don't understand exactly what I was doing at the time, but I guess it worked. Wahoo. Whee. Whatever.

It's still not too late for me to call it an early evening, so peace out, folks. I promise more substantive content soon enough, and I still owe Ellie a meme, but those are not for today!


Just12Finish said...

All you need now is to put three zeros after the $11 and then ... let 'er roll!

Marissa said...

the last time i was in Vegas, i remember people running down the strip, but it was "early" in the morning...like 9 in the morning. :) Hopefully, that will work for you.

Bev said...

Oh come on. Try a little Texas Hold 'em.