Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pinkberry Run

So I dragged a friend with me down to Pinkberry tonight. We left the office, walked to the apartment/hotel (she's staying at the Marriott Regency on 49th), changed clothes and then met up again for a power walk. The goal was to take Broadway down to 14th street, loop back to 8th, break for a pit stop at the hallowed ground of Pinkberry (where 250 calories will get you a cup of delightful goodness with fresh fruit that doubles as dinner) before heading back to midtown. Easy-peasy and so much more fun than when I do the same loop by myself, even if we were a bit slower. I had to make sure that I didn't go too fast, and I couldn't break into a run when I felt it coming on since V. has a bum knee (operation and rehab a few years ago, so she can really only walk). But, here are the final numbers:

Total mileage: 4.35 miles
Total time: 1:20
Average pace: 18:32 min/mile

So, not too bad. I think the pace is off somewhat since I forgot to stop the watch until after we'd ordered our Pinkberry and it had been served up to us. So we may have been a minute or two faster pace-wise. No matter -- March Madness is continuing, and there's another $4 in the AvonWalk pot.

Tomorrow is typically a long day on the project, so I'm skedaddling off to bed now. Peace out!!

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