Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March Madness, Day 5

3.25 miles on the TM at the apartment, in the horrid little hot workout room on the 21st+ floor. I'd have bailed except that I had arranged to meet my friend for an outdoor run. When we looked out the front door (and even ventured outside for a step), we decided the treadmills were a better bet if we didn't want to get washed away. So it wasn't the 5-6 miler I was expecting but it was something. And another $3 in the pot.

Today is always madness on the project, so I will probably be too wiped to do anything online later tonight. So have a good one for me, m'kay?

And, Ellie has tagged me, so I'll work on that one probably while I'm at the airport tomorrow night. Something to look forward to!


Bev said...

I've been unable to check the blogs for a few days and just look at what you have been up to. Running all over the place raising crazy money. Great job. I should pledge money for every mile I run, but I think we could make more if I pledged for everyday I have PMS. That would be the big bucks.

I'll be dropping a dime or two in the pot. It's a great cause. Good luck.

Just12Finish said...

I'm enjoying your road warrior posts. Brings back memories of my time in NYC. I moved around midtown quite a bit, and was working downtown. Keep the posts coming and good luck with travel tomorrow!