Saturday, April 05, 2008

race tomorrow

#5 of 6. Around that dang lake again. Geez I hate that lake. But the weather should be good, nay, perfect for it. I need a good run -- between recovering from last week's whirlwind of activity and a hellish week at work, I did NOTHING in the way of exercise all week. Walked some, but nothing intentional. I think I needed that.

Not much to do on the homefront this weekend -- amazing how easily the house is maintained once we got rid of 80% of our junk. Landscaping is done, carpets are cleaned, and it's ready for the realtor to come by and stick the sign in the yard.

TDP DinoBoy and I did a scout outing this morning, wherein we collected ridiculous amounts of garbage from a local park. In 40 minutes, the boys gathered a pickup truck full of trash, including a grocery cart, a manhole cover, a pay phone box, a pair of pants (!) and assorted other items. Nobody fell into the creek, although a couple of them tried mightily! It was a good way to spend the morning. Now he's headed to his godmother's for the rest of the weekend, leaving me to finish the 500-piece Star Wars puzzle that's 40% done on the kitchen table. Thanks, dude -- nothing like an unfinished puzzle to make your OCD mom kee-ray-zee.

Gotta go -- Elder Child has more hockey playoffs this weekend, for the league championship, not just the House cup, so he's got at least one (hopefully two) game today. Have a great Saturday.

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Just12Finish said...

Good work with the cleanup! My girls are in girl scouts, and I'm hoping the message of community service is sinking in.