Monday, March 17, 2008

too much going on

and not enough time.

March Madness continues -- I missed one day in Vegas, but am back on track. No long run to speak of since Cowtown, though. That will have to change pronto to keep on schedule for OKC in a month.

Getting the house ready for showings is a royal pain in the a$$, but I have to say, it does look nice. Spare and boring as all hell, but nice and decluttered. Nobody told me that my life and our history is in that clutter, though!** Painters will be here next week.

It's been in the mid-70s and sometimes higher between Nevada and home. Now I have to go back to the mid-30s in NYC. Pffffbt. Gotta boogie -- something tells me this week's flights (especially the security lines) are going to be un-legendary.

**case in point -- they "strongly suggested" that we not only paint over the burnt orange walls in the study (wahh!) and remove the Longhorn stained glass piece in the front window, but that we take down the National Championship shield on the front door. Now for all you can tell, just *anyone* might live here!! No worries -- we've already got the "theme," as it were, planned for for the media room and office in the new house. heh -- take away my burnt orange, my a$$!

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Just12Finish said...

Now why would they assume another die hard Longhorn wouldn't be house hunting?