Monday, March 10, 2008

March Madness continues

it was tight this weekend -- but the March Madness challenge continues. I had to fly into Lost Wages for a conference, leaving at 12:30ish, so there wasn't much time for a run Sunday morning if I wanted to maximize time with the boys. So I knew I'd have to go for a walk later after I arrived at the hotel. I also knew the schedule was packed as soon as I arrived, what with meetings with the team and a dinner at Wolfgang Puck's planned (split the tuna tartare with a friend -- awesome -- and then had silver-dollar sized crabcake appetizers as dinner -- yummy!).

So it was late when I finally made it out to the strip for my 3 miles (GMaps Pedometer actually puts it at a little more than that). And the walk solidified two things for me -- 1) I *will* get this challenge done this month, even if it's just walking the minimum each day, if I was able to get them done this weekend; and 2) I *really* don't like the casino strip area of town. So many people walking around with these huge drinks in their hands, smoking and acting ridiculous. The guys standing on the street corners shoving sex trade cards in people's hands. So many lights and flashy, trashy excess. And when I say "trash," I mean both skanky girls in costumes and actual garbage -- there was actually more trash on the streets than in NYC, which I would have found hard to believe before now, but for all the um, scents of the city during the summer, they do a pretty decent job of keeping it maintained, especially considering how many people live and visit there. Here in Vegas, not so much. But enough about my feelings toward Vegas -- and, I'm sure there are areas of town that are very nice, and the outskirts certainly have great natural areas for climbing and hiking and such that I'd love to explore if I had the chance. But i won't on this trip, so unfortunately, that is my impression of this city remains as it was the first two times I visited (for this same conference).

Anyhoo, gotta boogie -- I'm very grateful for the two-hour time difference between here and Texas -- it did end up being very late when I finally made it back to the room so I at least caught up on some sleep once I shut the curtains and blocked out the alien green glow from the MGM's uplights outside my window. This week is going to be busy with meet-n-greets and client meetings and such, so it's going to be exhausting, but I'm bound to make the most of it. TTFN!

Friday OWN -- 3 miles at the hotel treadmill (in my street shoes since I didn't pack my running shoes from the city apartment -- I think I'm still having some residual pain on the top of my foot from that, but it's improved since Friday PM)
Saturday OWN -- 55 minutes (translates into more than 3 miles at a 15-minute mile pace) at the mall during Elder Child's 6:00 AM hockey practice at the mall ice rink. I made it six laps around the mall (two upstairs, three downstairs), with ridiculously consistent lap times. I'm talking within 6 seconds of 9:18 each time -- it got to be a game and it was actually fun!!
Sunday OWN -- 55 minutes up and down Las Vegas Blvd. Started at the MGM Grand and walked to Treasure Island before doubling back.

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Just12Finish said...

What time did you start running? I used to run around 6 AM, and that town is still dead asleep that early. I especially liked the stretch in front of Bellagio and did intervals up and down there!