Friday, March 07, 2008

it's MARCH, people!!

so why is it freakin' snowing? In Dallas? WTF?? The weather was gorgeous here in NYC yesterday, and I enjoyed the (longer) cab ride through the length of the park on the way to the airport. And as recently as 4:00 pm, there was NO indication from the airlines that so many flights were canceled. Argh. And everything was canceled into DFW so the earliest I could get in was on a 2:45 flight, assuming that it can go today. Which totally throws into disarray the plans I had for my Friday, which included:

  • having the house cleaned... by someone other than me!! Whee! That was scheduled because I was also supposed to be
  • having the realtor come over and finalize the details of putting our house on the market
  • visiting the design center for a preview of the options on the new house
  • having a dessert date with some friends later tonight
  • sleeping in my OWN bed and not some random bed in an airport Fairfield in Queens (all the Marriotts were booked -- platinum status guarantee my a$$)**
  • hanging out with my boys and those crazy cats
So I'm not thrilled with the travel life right now, to say the least. Especially since I'd been up until 3:00 am Wednesday night working on the presentation for next week (I had a walkthrough scheduled with my VP Thursday morning) and had gotten all of two hours of sleep before I waking up to run. Let's just say Thursday was a LONG day and I was none too happy with the thought of loitering around the airport. So, discount chain bed or not, I still was crashed thoroughly pretty much by 9:30. Which is why I'm up and rarin' to go at 3:45 am Central time.
The plan is to work for a couple of hours here, then head to the airport and see if I can get on an earlier flight home. Wish me luck, and I'll see you on the other side!!

**why am I not in my apartment in midtown? Because I am letting a colleague from the project use it next week while I'm in Vegas for a conference (shut up, I have to present TWICE, it's not really going to be fun...heh) so she could save money. And she got in a cab to JFK with the keys to my apartment for her trip to SoCal right about the time I was already at LGA finding out that my flight was not happening. F#$#@ a duck. So, whaddyagonna do but hang out close by, right?

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Just12Finish said...

Look forward to your running reports from Vegas!