Friday, March 28, 2008

Total disarray

that is what my life is like right now. Complete, utter and total disarray.

The painters arrived Wednesday to tape, prime and spackle the house. The actual painting started yesterday, but it is nowhere near complete. And the Elder Child's room, the room that I had requested he begin packing and prepping for paint? Looks messier than when he normally lives in there. All the stuff from the walls and the top of the cabinets in the kitchen are now on the countertops, and the china cabinet contents are placed on the dining room table. Sigh. There's a week's worth of stuff to do around here, and I have exactly three days. OK, two and a half days, since I'm driving down to Waco tomorrow morning for a half-marathon (#4 of 6 in the "Love the Half" challenge). Deep sigh.

So, yeah, not a lot of time for the computer, or much else. Gotta go make a box and start packing.

We made a lot of progress today. Really. The entry and dining room are both completely painted now, as is the kitchen (goodbye, bee-yoo-tiful Lellow kitchen. sniff...), and the dining room is actually staged properly, per the suggestion from the realtor-suggested-and-paid-for -staging-lady. The crap on the kitchen counters needs to be packed away or put under the cabinets, leaving only the artfully arranged canisters, the artfully arranged plate rack and the artfully arranged vase on the counters, and the artfully arranged bowl of fruit on the table. That should get done tomorrow. The den will be done tomorrow, and all the furniture can be moved back from the middle of the floor to the rightful location (all artfully arranged, of course...).

Then the master and the playroom will be painted, along with both bathrooms, leaving only the kids' rooms and the laundry room for Sunday. My in-laws' landscape guy is coming to clean up our flowerbeds, re-lay the pavers on the patio extension and put in a couple of new flowerbeds in the back yard, plus fix the fence that got knocked over in the winds a couple of weeks ago. Next, I get to shop for "fresh, crisp towels" for both baths (which means that nobody is allowed to use them) and we'll be ready for the virtual tour guy to come take photographs of the house. When that is done, the sign goes up in the yard and the game is on. We shall see what happens next.

For now, I've got to get to bed, so that I can haul my happy a$$ out of bed at o'dark thirty tomorrow for the drive down to "The Hardest Half-Marathon in the State of Texas" (it says so, right on that page, lord help me!!). How far is it to Waco anyway??? Like I told my NYC running buddy online earlier today, I'm sure I'm prepared for this -- I know exactly how long it will be! See you on the other side!

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Just12Finish said...

Good luck with the house. Hope you had a good half!